A large format fisheye camera

I really like shooting with a fisheye lens but wanted to try a larger format than 35mm and medium format.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a lens which would give me fisheye effects on large format.

So, I built this camera with a lens that I had in a drawer, an Arsat f3.5 30mm fisheye.

I used an old beat-up Speed Graphic which I stripped down to just the box and the focal plane shutter.

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01-4x5-Fisheye-L 02-Kiev60 03-4x5-FisheyeMount-L
04-4x5-Fisheye-side 05-FrontYard-Right-w#1DC7CE 06-Fisheye
07-FrontYard-Right-E#1DC7D4 08-BackPorch-Ektachrome 09-TwistedTreeandMe-Polarod
10-AtTacoBob's-Polaroid 11-Walkers 12-FortRevere
13-CadillacView-2-White 14-MinuteManNHP 15-Peterborough

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